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Good morning! Finally getting a day off. 😄

Good morning! Finally getting a day off. 😄

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Spread this shit like wildfire 


Spread this shit like wildfire 

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When the Taurean tells you…


… I need some “space” or time alone, don’t take it personal. They are just trying to re-center or ground themself (being an Earth sign). But if you push them to talk or insist on being in their face, just brace yourself for the epic explosion that will follow. It will be ugly.

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holly shit.


I’m not an artist and I jizzed myself.

If you get this for an artist, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll get laid that night.



omg i want this just to finish some projects

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Check out our delicious canine confections!

Check out our delicious canine confections!

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For me, personally, I’d rather produce art than become art. Steven Patrick Morrissey  (via morrisseyforever)

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I miss you. Point blank. There is no way around that fact and it sucks. Two more sleeps and you’ll be home, but two more sleeps feels like forever. 2,000 miles is too far for you to be from me, ever. I feel like there’s a piece of me missing. I just don’t feel complete without you by my side. It’s an odd feeling, to say the least. One I’ve never felt before. One I don’t want to feel again but I’m not naive enough to believe that this is the first and only time you and I will be apart. I don’t foresee this getting any easier though, no matter how many times we’re forced to be alone. We belong together. Plain and simple. I find myself reaching out for you in the middle of the night only to be disappointed as my arm falls flat onto the cold bed. I’ve been spoiled, having spent every day and nearly every night with you since the beginning. This is a humbling experience, of course. It’s further engraining into my very being how I should never take you for granted. Not that I ever would, anyway… but a reminder never hurts. I love waking up to you in the morning. Kissing your forehead, feeling your arms wrap tightly around me, pulling me closer to you. Pushing on your stubborn ass to get you up and out of bed because you’re SO not a morning person. I love it all and I want it every day of forever. I’ve never felt the way I do about you with any other person before, and for that I’m grateful. I love how new and exciting this is, you and I. How you introduce me to new things, take me to new places and show me beautify in the world around us. You, my dear, are something very special. Not just to me, but to the world. Personally, I consider myself lucky to even know you, let alone to call you mine, and I never plan to let you go.

All my love, now and forever,